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Why fear Covid-19 when your system can fight it?

The death toll of the coronavirus is 5,065 from 137,000 cases, with 3,062 fatalities China, 1,016 in Italy and 514 in Iran so far.

Are death tolls numbers the cause of panic or is this some business strategy?

Hand sanitizers and face masks have become hard to find even on line. A vocational school in Java is producing 500, 60 ml bottles of hand sanitizers with 96 % alcohol as against the regular 70 % every day to meet the requirement. Surgical masks worth Rs 10 are being sold for Rs 40 and N95 worth Rs 150 masks are being sold at Rs 500. Thailand's put surgical masks and sanitizers under controlled goods. Wether or not these surface panics have deeper roots, the human body has intelligent defence mechanism to fight this menace.

Is this the first time we are fearing the threat of death by pathogenic organisms ?

The hyper-vigilant response to Corona virus is only a poor reaction to the pandemic. Why no such reaction to around 133 million Americans living with chronic & incurable diseases, to the increase in the percentage of Indians (20%) suffering from chronic diseases due to aping the Western lifestyle and food habits? inspite of the Corona virus outbreak, nothing much has changed in the attitude of people towards a healthy lifestyle.

How can we forget that we are deeply connected through the same 5 gross elements, space, air, fire, water, and earth to everything around us, and Nature doesn’t appreciate disconnection and disharmony.

The ‘Science of Life’, an unshakable balance between the body, mind, spirit & Nature was well understood by our rishis several thousand years ago. They concluded that human bodies are made of various combinations of the 5 elements and the 7 chakras/ energy centers in the body are connected to different glands in our body.

Thus the key is, living in accordance with the rhythm of nature, eating food full of pran tatv and building Ojas/ body's Internal energy for an overall well-being.

The Caraka Samhita and Susruta Samhita deal with many such topics including lifestyle, philosophy, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and medical ethics.

Though each one’s response to the stressful Novel Bat Corona Virus may be different, I am extremely confident of the defence mechanism of my body and fear no such alien attacking me. Why I can say that with full authority is because my family including myself, have zero medical expenses!

Get down to fortifying your bodies and minds today.

The physical strength and fitness may take some time to shape from the day you start but you can strengthen your immune system to immediate effect and ward off common cold, flu and of course coronavirus. Raise the body’s Healthy pH levels, be on the alkaline side and make your body, a poor environment for Pathogenic organisms- bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and worms.

What is ph & how does it work.

The ‘Power of Hydrogen’/ pH is measuring the total hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. Lungs and kidneys work diligently and keep the pH of Human blood on the alkaline side at 7.4, (changes only at extremely illness). Kidneys send mineral buffers, calcium carbonate & calcium phosphate, to maintain the blood pH at 7.4.

Our body attempts to maintain an alkaline pH in most of its tissues and cells, eyes, mucous membrane, extracellular fluid, intracellular fluid at 7.4.

The stomach maintains a pH at less than 3.0 to breakdown the food and also ingested pathogens.

Our ancestors knew it all and primarily lived on an alkaline diet, plant foods- vegetables, fruit and loads of water. There was no sugar, alcohol, and processed foods, meaning they didn’t suffer from acidosis and were stronger.

Acidic vs Alkaline foods.

Acidic foods are low on magnesium, the cause of osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hampering vit D activation besides other illnesses, where as alkaline foods increase intracellular magnesium and lower risk of disease, lower joint pains and inflammation. Smoking and lack of good sleep also create chronic acidosis.

The pH values of different foods have different effect on our body, for example, lemon with a pH of 2 is acidic but has an extremely good alkalizing effect inside our body. Generally fruit and vegetables are mostly alkaline due to their mineral content whereas, meat, poultry, dairy, sugar, processed foods, caffeine, etc. are most acidic and grains are slightly acidic.

Conclusion, include at least 80% alkaline/ veggies in your diet since you do need your protein and healthy fats are acidic so let those be 20%.

Guess what, certain practices in the Hindu culture are followed since time immemorial as ‘Shabd Praman’, following instructions, as they are.

There is no scope of questioning authorities because humans are invariably disillusioned and are bound to commit mistakes.

Take for example personal hygiene, brushing teeth, bathing everyday, wearing washed clean clothes as against practices of quick fix mouth wash without brushing, using paper in the toilet, infrequent bathing.

We avoided any contact with the Portuguese except trade, we called them ‘Parangi’/ firangi because they didn’t bathe regularly and ate meat!

The joining hands in Anjali Mudra, placing them on our Anhata Chakra/ heart centre to greet people with Namaskar gesture could also be well thought of to maintain a safe distance with strangers coming from unknown environmental conditions (apart from honouring the other for the Supreme power within him)

As is the logic behind greeting with a hug and open arms, 'to declare that there are no hidden arms to bring physical harm to the other'.

The Rangoli, the burning of incense, performing small Agnihotras at home everyday are also well thought of and not meaningless regressive practices.

The compulsory Nitya karma, bathing or personal hygiene being first, following with Hawan-Poojan, Roli -Chandan Tilak mark on the forehead, lighting fragrant incense, offering flowers etc, reflect a clean individual, a clean home, a clean surrounding and an environment friendly society.

Stop fearing disease outbreaks, change your lifestyle, food habits and attitude towards life, let animals live in peace, return to the Vedic ways of life.

*Adopt spiritual optimism, take a deep inhalation, push it into your belly, let it rise into your chest and let out a long exhalation.

*Be happy and energized, room by room look for areas with clutter, darkness or poor view, make necessary changes, allow maximum positive healing energy to circulate through.

*Bring in some plants, hang a few wind chimes, let Nature enter your home.

*Drink a cup of hot milk with haldi at bed time, it induces good sleep.

*Being directly linked to our nervous system, listen to some soft soothing Music to decrease your blood pressure, heart rate and respiration.

Bring these to practice, and enjoy every bit of your newly strengthened immune system.

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Mar 16, 2020

A very informative and enlightening article by Meenakshi Ji. Our practices had been very scientific, healthy and hygienic, environment friendly and close to nature but in the name of modernity we have been adopting scum of West. Thank you very much Meenakshi Ji

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