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From Kashmir and Bengal to now Jharkhand: Will Hindus ever wake up?

In Jharkhand, a Hindu girl was set ablaze for refusing a marriage proposal by a Muslim. Do such crimes deserve just a few years of imprisonment? We need to realise that acts of such brutality deserve no leniency

Her last words, “He should die the way I am dying today”, were the lament of a betrayed Hindu girl whom Shahrukh Hussain burnt alive by pouring petrol over her. This incident and dozens of similar nature would have been enough to rudely shake and awaken any community from its secular slumber. But looking at the way Hindus have reacted, whether from an overdose of wokeism or apathy, one would be legitimate in screaming with frustration: “Will the Hindus ever wake up?”

Take a moment to jog your memory to recall the following episodes of brazen criminality:

On 19 August 2018, 55-year-old Jalaluddin Khan burnt alive his 38-year-old lover Sangita Deore, daughter Priti and granddaughter Sidhi in Panchvati, Nashik.

Only four of 18 Khadims of Ajmer Dargah, charged with gang-rape of 100 Hindu girls in 1992, were convicted, while some of those girls are no more.

In 2017, 30 Hindu girls were drugged and raped by one Muhammad Shafi of Kerala who posed himself as an NRI surgeon; he believed it was his religious duty to target Hindu women and girls.

Jyotsna, Payal Patel, Riya Gautam, Mansi Patra, Pooja Hadapad, Shruti Menon, Mou Rajak, Nandini, S Dhanya, Tina Rajawat, Arti Sharma, Mansi Dixit: Do the Google and you will find that they were killed for refusing to marry or continue their relationship with Muslims.

Says who that ‘love jihad’ is a myth? If you still do, then you need to find justifications for love jihad, sexual violence, physical assaults, targeted riots, hate crimes, hate speeches and beheadings as new parameters of communal harmony. Hindus, unfortunately, remain ignorant or choose to ignore these crimes; mainstream media doesn’t talk about them, and governments get away with an apathetic response.

Nothing changed in 130 decades — not even after the balkanisation of India in 1947. The sharia theo-fascism has entered the body politic and society of the nation and the leftover fanatics have consolidated the ecosystem to sustain it.

Whether it was Kashmiri Hindu genocide of 1990 or the recent West Bengal killings of Hindus, the situation remains grim. Ankit Saxena, who was lynched in Raghubir Nagar, Delhi, in February 2018, was stopped by his Muslim girlfriend’s mother by ramming her scooter into Ankit’s vehicle, forced him to get out and Ankit’s throat was cut open by the girl’s father with a butcher’s knife

Remember Dhruv Tyagi, who had gone to Jehangir Khan to complain about his son bothering his daughter? Tyagi was killed by Khan and his son with a knife given by his wife and daughter. Billipuram Nagaraju, husband of a Muslim woman, was beaten and brutally stabbed to death in Saroornagar, Hyderabad. Ravi Nimbargi was killed by the family of his Muslim girlfriend in Balaganur village in Sindagi. Then off course, Firoz Khan, who kidnapped a 4-year-old, raped her and his death sentence was quashed by the judiciary, saying: “Every sinner has a future.”

Our liberal democracy has kept the majority community under a tight leash, while the so-called minority is constantly appeased by every political party.

While the likes of Nupur Sharma and T Raja Singh are facing the music for their comments on Prophet Mohammed, those who threaten people with “sar tan se juda” slogans mostly go scot-free? One wonders why no action has been taken against Waris Pathan who openly warns Hindus of consequences as he says: “Muslims are just 15 crores in the country but can dominate over 100 crore Hindus.”

When will Hindus wake up to the patterns of crimes against them, of mass murders, rapes, loot and arson? History is proof that Nawab Samiullah incited Hindu killings in 1906-07. The outcome of the slogan “Lar ke lengey Pakistan”, in August 1946, wreaked havoc in Calcutta and Noakhali. A Peer of Golra Sharif incited the wiping Rawalpindi of all Hindus and Sikhs in March 1947. Hindus in Pakistan, especially their girls, are still facing the worst form of persecution. But all this largely goes unnoticed.

Where are we going wrong?

  • Our focus has always been on maintaining ‘communal harmony’ instead of justice for victims.

  • As a society, we have failed to build a safe environment for our children; we’ve done nothing to educate our people of the agenda of Islamists.

  • When we hear case of love jihad, we mostly blame girls. We conveniently ignore how parents have failed to educate their girls of such dangers.

  • Victims are left without any support from the state/society that has failed to establish a national movement to ensure harsh punishment for perpetrators of brutal murders, rapes, abductions and forced conversions.

  • All we have done is, candle marches, raising some funds for aggrieved families, funds that can never compensate for losing a daughter, son, husband, father.

Do such crimes deserve just a few years of imprisonment or acquittal? Acts of such brutality deserve no leniency. If we as a nation can’t stop Hindu killings, crimes against Hindu girls, can’t protect them, we are doomed. We are Hindus today because our ancestors fought and resisted the barbarians for nearly 1,400 years to preserve Hindu civilisation and our Hindu identity. It is high time we defeated their nefarious designs with the same fire and stand resolute against the barbarians intimidating us in our own homeland.

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