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Ayodhya Foundation is currently engaged in telling the untold story of Saraswati, with deep research from the Vedas. Presented as an Odissi Opera of 45 minutes in 4 sections.

Is she a myth? Is she a mystery?

Is she a river? Is she history? Is she a Goddess?

Is she wisdom? Is she a civilisation?


Saraswati Untold is aimed at rekindling our dormant pride in the ancient most, continuous civilization, the Saraswat or the Saraswati civilization. The civilization that originated on the banks of a mighty river flowing with full ferocity, around which the settlements took birth and the wisdom of the Vedas were revealed to the rishis settled on her banks. 
It can be said that Saraswati was the cradle of the Indian civilization. As she began to dry, the settlers  around her started moving towards the Gangetic plains and the Indus valley/ Sindh. The Indus valley people were technologically so advanced because of the wisdom of their Saraswat lineage.


In Rig Veda, Saraswati appears 72 times, 45 of its hymns shower praises on her. Yajur Veda has 68 hymns, Sam Veda has only two verses

about the Saraswati that  indicate her decline in the

size and flow. The Mahabharata has

235 mentions for Saraswati

and considers her to

be the most sacred


Bhagavata Purana 10.34.1-18, refers to Ambikavana

on the banks of Saraswati. Padmapurana 32,

105 refers to the Gangobheda tirtha, meeting place of the

river Sarasvati and Ganga.


This magnificient story of Saraswati is meticulously researched,

conceptualized and produced by Ms Meenakshi Sharan while the music is composed by Guru Ram Haridas ji and choreographed by Guru Bichitra Nand Swain, maestros from Odisha.

Saraswati Untold Logo.png


Here is a show case of SARASWATI UNTOLD, the Odissi Opera.

It is spread over 4 sections Mangalacharan, Abhinaya, Pallavi and Moksha.




Ayodhya Foundation is a non profit, dedicated to the cause of Indian art, cultural, heritage and civilisation. We are engaged in researching, engaging, sharing and producing content aimed at  comprehension of Sanatan Dharma. We aim to help our future generations appreciate and cherish Indian thought & values, walking into the world with pride, knowing that they are the ambassadors of the oldest continuous civilisation on earth.



Meenakshi is a hospitality entrepreneur. She is an avid researcher of culture and history, publishes deep dive articles and blogs on correcting historical misconceptions. She has been encouraging the classical and regional arts of India.

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Ashok is an engineer and a keen analytical mind on National Security. He delves into the political and military history of India and researches its glitches. 

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Vikram has been a first wave user of SM to educate people on issues of civilisational importance. An investment banker and VC for 36 years, Vikram contributes to the agenda and direction of Ayodhya Foundation.



Shivani is a food & beverage professional, a raconteur of tales and a budding danseuse. She is writing her first book on the horrors of partition for the next generation. 

She performs in Saraswati Untold.

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We urge you to host a show of Saraswati Untold in your city.

Or better still a nation wide tour of this Odissi Opera in your country. It is a mesmerizing show of classical Odissi Dance performed on specially composed music. With elaborate costumes and a troupe flexibility of 4 to 16 dancers, it is large enough to regale an auditorium and small enough to fit a banquet. It is an ideal choice to showcase Indian art & culture and introduce your audience to the wealth of Indian history & civilization. 

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